Wood & Concrete Dock for calm waters

Wave Breaker has great stability and buoyancy. Its high weight makes it suitable for exposed locations. Increased width will amplify wave reducing effect further. The design consists of reinforced concrete with a core of foam, making it unsinkable and gives it a long life. Wave breakers are equipped with extended long sides, so-called wings.

Technical description
Dock CW-250
standard width
Pontoon C-C
2.10 m or 2.50 m (can also be delivered in different width, for example. 2.40m)
9.0 m to the desired length
0,45m – 0,55m
C35/45 0.40 / 4.0% air, Freeze tested
NPS 50
75×150 unplaned pressure impregnated pine
45×195 Planed pressure impregnated Pine (also on the dock ends)
34×145 groove pressure impregnated pine

The dock is normally anchored with 19mm galvanized chain approximately every ten meter with 2 concrete anchors, 1200-1.450kg each.
The frame construction consists of strong coarse beams 75x150mm.
On the outsides around (although the bridge ends) is a planed edge board 45×195 (170), this acts as a fender and give the bridge a sharp and stylish setting.
The deck is 34×145 groove pine. Slotting Nobody gives a very good grip to walk on and a neat appearance. Inge Ting nailed down, everything is screwed with stainless steel screw for maximum strength and durability.
In order to minimize tripping and injury risk the dock has no bar on top of the deck, it is completely smooth. It also makes it easier to put up boards to adjust the chains.
All wood is impregnated acc. to NTR A.
Concrete, reinforcement and fastening products meet all the requirements.

The dock can be supplied with water hose and housing for an electric cable, ready for connection of water and electricity.

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It can be a small jetty to swim from a large brewing deck for crayfish slices in the evening sun.

A powerful stone chest foundation for the boathouse. A protected mooring point for the boat. Or why not a complete marina with y-booms, beach foundations, decking, mooring bollards, lighting and electrical cabinets.

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