Quality & Environment

1.3 Ledningssystem

Quality and environmental management systems
EuroCoast Marine AB has for its operations established a process-based quality and environmental management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for quality management systems and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management systems. The quality and environmental management systems are coordinated in this handbook.

2. Quality

2.1 Quality management system
EuroCoast Marine AB has established a quality management system for its operations in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.
The quality management system covers the entire business and is documented in this Handbook.
The quality management system is based on continuous improvements in operations through follow-up of quality objectives, deviation management and internal audits.

2.2 Customer focus
The quality management system is based on a customer focus on the business.
The quality work ensures that the customer’s requirements are established, documented and met. Reconciliation and documentation of customer requirements takes place in contract review before ordering.
During execution there are set quality targets for our main processes that are measured and followed up. During execution, we verify performance requirements by verification against ordered goods or services. The final control validates product or service against with customer agreed functional requirements for product or service.

2.3 Quality policy
For EuroCoast Marine AB, quality means always doing the right thing from the start and meeting the customer’s expectations for the ordered product. The basis for our quality work is laid down in the policy.

In the dialogue with our customers, we, in all our operations, meet their needs and expectations of the products and services we offer.Before new products are included in the range, we must ensure that market needs exist and that they meet current regulatory requirements. We choose suppliers so that good product quality and delivery capacity can be expected.
We shall, as far as possible, meet customer requests for product adaptations.
Our customers should perceive EuroCoast Marine AB’s delivery readiness as very good.
We will work to constantly improve and streamline our operations so that we can always offer competitive prices.

2.4 Quality Objectives
2.4.1 Overall quality objectives
Our overall quality goal is to be an in-demand and professional company that has the ability to fulfill agreements made with customers.
Follow-up of customer satisfaction is done through a call/survey with the customer.

2.4.2 Detaljerade kvalitetsmål
I syfte att följa upp och utveckla verksamheten har följande kvalitetsmål fastställts:
Kvalitetsmål – Leveranssäkerhet:
Vår leveranstidpunkt till kund överensstämmer med utlovad tid till 100 %.
Mätning av kvalitetsmål leveranssäkerhet:
Kvalitetsmålet på leveranssäkerhet mäts i form av restnoterade orderrader.

Uppföljning sker av fraktkostnader för extra leveranser.

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