About EuroCoast AB

Eurocoast Marine AB was founded in spring 1991. We have good experience in the industry. The business consists in its own manufacture and sale of marine-related products such as floating piers, boat booms, accessories, chains, shackles, etc.

We currently have four permanent employees all year round and in the spring there is always a need to hire another 3-4 people. We are located in Uddevalla in self-owned factory premises, 1,200sqm indoors and 18,000sqm patio gives us very good manufacturing and storage facilities.

To ensure a technical capacity with short installation times to the customer, we have a well-developed prefabrication system that allows bridges and booms to be assembled in the minimum possible time.

For immediate deliveries, booms, bridge components and spare parts are always in stock. Ordering is easiest by phone call or e-mail.
Any warranty commitments are made immediately after a joint approved inspection.

We work according to quality and environmental management systems according to EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001. This aims to quality assure promised services and products to customers.